Lake Oswego Golf Course offers a variety of fun learning opportunities for kids age 6 and over.  Our emphasis is on good sportsmanship and total enjoyment of the game of a lifetime!  Many games and activities are included with our offerings to keep kids entertained, engaged, and eager to continue.

YOUTH ON COURSE INITIATIVE - Our course is a participant in this wonderful program which provides kids with an opportunity to play golf for just  per round. Founded in the name of PGA Tour local star Peter Jacobsen's father, the Erling Jacobsen program includes a summer Tour for young players just getting started.  To be eligible kids must pass an etiquette and rules exam to obtain their Youth on Course card. Visit the OGA website for further details.  Paricipants must display their card at check in to receive the round.  Restrictions apply.

PGA Junior League - Registration for 2021 Season will be available 2/1/21 - 4/20/21.

Team play for kids 7-17. Kids age 13 and under play in one league while kids 14-17 play in another. Built on the model of Little League Baseball. FUN scramble format where two team members partner vs. two from another Course's team.  Our teams will compete with teams from other courses in the area.  Season fee = $350 (includes numbered home and away jersey, cap, bag tag, balls, weekly instruction and practice, green fees, and all match expenses). Matches occur on weekends May through July.  Practices are held on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  Playing experience highly recommended!!

Click here and type Lake Oswego into your location search to register.

JUNIOR PROGRAM- SPRING 2021  -  We offer both classes and camps for kids age 6 & up for beginner or intermediate stages of development.  Due to safety considerations with Covid-19 we are limiting camps to groups of 10 or fewer, with a maximum student to instructor ratio of 5:1.  To see our full list of classes please visit LO Parks.  Then enter the class/camp # shown below in the search box or simply enter 'youth golf'.

CLASSES:   KOOL KIDZ CLINICS - NEW RECRUITS (Level 1) (Ages 6-9)                KOOL KIDZ - BIRDIE HUNTERS (Level 2) (Ages 6-9)
                   22154 - 10-10:50am SAT. FEB 27, MAR 6, MAR 13                             22152 - 10-10:50am SAT. APR 3,10,17
                   22155 - 11-11:50am SUN. FEB 28, MAR 7, MAR 14                            22153 - 11-11:50am SUN. APR 4,11,18
                   KOOL KIDZ CLINICS - NEW RECRUITS (Ages 10+)                            KOOL KIDZ - BIRDIE HUNTERS (Ages 10+)
                   22168 - 10-10:50am SAT. FEB 27, MAR 6, MAR 13                             22170 - 10-10:50am SAT. APR. 3,10,17
                   22169 - 10-10:50am SUN. FEB 28, MAR 7, MAR 14                            22171 - 11-11:50am SUN. APR. 4,11,18

CAMPS:      22360 - BEGINNER JUNIOR CAMP, 10a-Noon    MAR. 22, 24, 26
                   22151 - INTERMEDIATE JUNIOR CAMP, 1-3pm  MAR, 22, 24, 26

Summer Classes and Camp Info will be posted by Feb. 15th

Kids under 6 play times - Sundays and Mondays after 3pm.  FREE with paid adult(s)!!

Tuesday Junior Club - All summer long each week featuring 30 minutes of single topic instruction, 30 minutes short game practice and games plus 9 holes with your buddies on the Course. Play will be monitored on the Course by staff and volunteers.  


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